Month: April 2009

  • Week 3 Training Blog, Ride to Conquer Cancer

    Here we are 2 months out from the longest ride in my life, and training is going great.  Team Alberto European Extreme Style is coming together well on both the riding and fundraising fronts.  We are up to 25 riders now and with another $7,000 coming in from sponsors via mail we should be in […]

  • Week 2 Training Blog

    After an absolutely fantastic weekend last week, we’ve had a typical Vancouver week of rain.  Threw a wet blanket over outdoor activity.  Thankfully the sun returned today (Easter Monday) and Anita, Dean, Kathy and I jumped on our bikes for a most excellent 2 hour ride to Iona Beach and down by UBC. Team Alberto is kicking into […]

  • Week 1 Training Blog, Ride to Conquer Cancer

    April 4, 2009 I’ve just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of completing chemotherapy with a clean set of x-rays and bloodwork. Sweet. After finishing chemotherapy at the end of March 2007 I asked my oncologist how I would be changed…whether I would still be able to run and scubadive and cycle the way I used to.  […]