2 thoughts on “Getting to YIMBY

  1. Hi Andrew, I can’t seem to get your email to work. Can you please let me know when the first announcement of WPC’s plans was made? I am researching a church development proposal in Victoria and trying to figure out how much time–eg two years?–should be allowed for community consultation from first announcement to going to council for approval. Thank you!

    1. Hi Leslie. My earliest notes of the Planning Committee engaging with the Church come from June, 2013. The final development plan was proposed to City Council October 19, 2015 with 2 members of the community attending to speak in favour of the development with none opposed. The ground breaking occurred June 7, 2016. That said, I believe that 6 months is a long enough period to complete a thorough community engagement once the parties have agreed to engage, as long as both are committed.

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