Day 3 Weight Loss Blog – On Track

Day 3 of 62, May 3

  1. Morning weight and body fat: 211 lbs – 26%
    1. Weight loss to date: -4 lbs
    2. Measured with a TANITA scale
  2. Ketone level: Small
  3. Days in Ketosis: 2
  4. Calories from food: 2007
  5. Calories burned from exercise: 105
  6. Eating window: 11 hours
  7. Activity: Everyday active
  8. Mood: Great, productive, happy
  9. Stiffness and pain on waking: 2


Joined Myrna at a Ukrainian society banquet and had the presence of mind to have salad for lunch.  Luckily no perogy’s so my ketosis was never in jeopardy.

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