4.5 lbs lost in 5 days!

Day 5 of 62, Sunday May 5

  1. Morning weight and body fat: 210 lbs – 25%
    1. Weight loss to date: -4.5 lbs
  2. Ketone level: Moderate
  3. Days in Ketosis: 4
  4. Calories from food: 2,593
  5. Calories burned from exercise: 1500
  6. Eating window: 10 hours
  7. Activity: 35.6 Km Road ride in the river valley
  8. Mood: Great, productive, happy
  9. Stiffness and pain on waking: 3


So in less than a week I’ve lost 4.5lbs.  Down to 210 which is actually not a bad fighting weight for me.  The next 15lbs is relatively untrod territory.

Is it really as simple as keeping your goal in mind and subjugating your cravings to a higher order want?  The “why” here is to go lean, cut out bad food and employ intermittent fasting to burn off unwanted fat.  Let’s be clear…I am going to have to find some motivation to stay hungry for the next 7 weeks.   Any recommendations are welcome.

2 thoughts on “4.5 lbs lost in 5 days!

  1. Hi Andrew. I’m curious if you are following a particular diet. I am training for TKD black stripe test in September so am trying to cut out sugar and focus my calories on healthier substitutes. Hunger/cravings are there, but whenever I feel a craving I view it that I am winning the fight. I never use to crave, because I just ate whatever, whenever I wanted. Now, this in only day 3, so still early. I am using the CarbManager app to keep me in line, which is quite good.
    You are inspiring me to keep the healthy eating up, so thanks for your posts.

    1. Hey Mary-Ann!

      Congrats on your TKD! Good luck.

      For context, we are fit and healthy and active and eat a diverse diet already. I have about 15-20 lbs I’d like to lose for vanity and performance reasons but having tried now for several years it seems like my motivation always falters when I get around 205-210 lbs. I want to see what it feels (and looks) like to be 195-200 for a while.

      Myrna and I used a whole-foods, calorie restricted Keto diet (her keeping carbs under 30g per day, me under 50) for a month before a vacation and experienced dramatic and satisfying loss of Winter fat. The vacation ended up putting half of it back on though (good food and drink). When M decided to go back on Keto I joined her (6 days ago) for convenience sake but I’m bailing on the keto part (see today’s post).

      I’m going to read the Canada Food Guide’s new recommendations and construct a whole-foods, low carb, anti-disease, plant-forward, low-impact-on-the-environment diet and employ Dr. Valter Longo’s recommendations on the fasting mimicking diet for longevity. Cutting out sugar, breads and processed foods seems to be unanimously recommended. If you like podcasts browse for Dr Rhonda Patrick’s interview of Dr. Longo for an intro. I just got his book too.

      The goal for me is a fun, healthy and sustainable diet I can deliver for the whole family that makes us happy and provides the energy we need without either making us sick or being too strict.

      I’ll keep up the blog. Good luck with your training for the belt!


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