One week down and so far so good…

Day 8 of 62, Wednesday May 8

  1. Morning weight / body fat: 210.5 lbs / 24%
    1. Weight loss to date: -4 lbs
  2. Calories from food: 2,383
    1. Tracked using MyFitnessPal app
  3. Calories burned from exercise: 369
    1. Strava, FitBit and MyFitnessPal
  4. Eating window: 9.5
  5. Activity: 50 minutes resistance training in the gym. W,944 Steps
  6. Mood: Great, productive, happy
  7. Stiffness and pain on waking: 3


I had a moment of lucidity today, having completed a successful week and on-track for the goal I have set.  My achilles heel has always been sliding back into bad habits once a little of success is achieved.  This has happened countless times.

Gandhi said that true change takes 10 years.  I’d say I am in about year 9 of resolving to drop those sticky 15lbs that accrue over time.  Why not now to get it done?

195 may be too ambitious.  6’0 200 has a nice ring to it though…dropping 10.5 lbs in 7 weeks would be 1.5lbs per week.  That’s a good realistic goal.

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