Eating More to Drop Weight

Day 16 of 63, Thursday May 16 – 2.5 lbs lost

  1. Morning weight / body fat: 212 lbs / 25%
    1. Weight loss to date: -2.5 lbs
    2. Target 203 lbs June 28
  2. Calories from food: 2,227
    1. Tracked using MyFitnessPal app
  3. Calories burned from exercise: 600
    1. Strava, FitBit and MyFitnessPal
  4. Eating window: 10 hours
  5. Activity: 9 holes of golf (2 hours).  Everyday Active 15,225 Steps
  6. Mood: Great, productive, happy
  7. Stiffness and pain on waking: 3

Weight Loss Diary

Changed it up a bit.  I’ve decided to eat more (bumping calories from food from about 1850 to about 2250) and have removed any restrictions other than avoiding sugar and limiting alcohol.  I’m very active and just wasn’t getting enough calories to avoid panic eating at 10pm.

Hopefully with fewer restrictions I’ll be able to ride out the cravings late at night and improve compliance.  I’ve added a cheat day weekly as well.

My short term goal is to be between 200-205 by June 28 and to stay there while maintaining or growing muscle mass.  I figure if I can hang out in that range for several months that can be a healthy new set weight.

One thought on “Eating More to Drop Weight

  1. “Panic eating” at 10pm made me laugh. Alcohol is my daily ‘snack’, have been pretty good at cutting out sugar. No longer in my coffee as I’m buying and grinding organic beans. Still use chocolate as a sugar carrier though. Especially at work after a difficult patient – not allowed to drink at work, so sugar will have to suffice. My goal is similar to you, lose a few pounds, try to stabilize at that while working on muscle building. So far down 2-3 pounds, but one bad day sees that pop back up. As long as I can have my beer at the end of the day, I’m all good. Thanks for your posts, they make me laugh and remind me to stay on track.

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