About Team GIVE’R

Founded in 2009, Team Give’r brings together triathletes, cyclists, rowers, paddlers, skiers and others committed to seeing a world free from cancer in our lifetimes.

In the years since undergoing chemotherapy I have personally raised just over $96,000 for cancer research.   I am proud to say that our teams have now raised over $638,000 since 2009.  There truly is strength in numbers.

Our Passion for Cancer Research

Everyone on our team, like virtually all Canadians, has been touched by cancer in some way or another. Some have lost loved ones. Others have beaten the disease. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October of 2005.

After a successful surgery to remove the tumor and a clean CT scan, 2006 brought the unhappy news that the cancer had spread.

Following a nine week course of chemo I emerged in April 2007 with a clean bill of health. My experience in fighting this disease has led me to be active in various cancer fundraising initiatives and has connected me with countless others who are committed as well.

If you’d like to join us in this great cause of a cancer-free future, please consider donating to support the Give’r Project and the Alberta Cancer Foundation:

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