Cheat Day…Screw Keto!

Day 6 of 62, Sunday May 6
  1. Morning weight and body fat: 210.5 lbs – 26%
    1. Weight loss to date: -4 lbs
  2. Ketone level: Trace
  3. Days in Ketosis: 5
  4. Calories from food: Cheat Day
    1. Tracked using MyFitnessPal app
  5. Calories burned from exercise: 448
    1. Strava, FitBit and MyFitnessPal
  6. Eating window: 14.5
  7. Activity: Everyday active…walking 11,137 Steps
  8. Mood: Great, productive, happy
  9. Stiffness and pain on waking: 3


I was grumpy and ravenous today, likely because of the calorie restriction and lack of carbs, and blew through my daily set carbohydrate cap of  50 grams.  Everything was relatively on track until the evening when I devoured a full package of rice crackers with cream cheese.

All it took was a little devil on my shoulder saying “…didn’t Tim Ferris say it is important to have a cheat day to fool your body?”  Well, important or not, I cheated.

I’m switching gears to drop the ketogenesis and instead focus on a healthy, diverse diet high in fibre and plant foods.  While I did use Keto successfully for weightloss (10lbs in 10 days) earlier this year I have heard too many informed opinions that it just isn’t good for you in the long run.  This is about the long run.

The next 2 months will be dedicated to constructing the right diet and habits with an emphasis on longevity; energy; performance and happiness.  Our diet is actually very diverse and healthy already…just needs some dialing-in and tweaking and a great deal more discipline when it comes to crackers, cheese and NHL playoff hockey. 🙂