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  • Choose Cancer

    On October 11, 2015 I enjoyed my 10th anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer. On that day 10 years ago cancer chose me. This is an appeal that you join me and thousands of Canadians in choosing “conquering cancer’ as a mission.

  • Team Extreme Style Targetting $250,000 for BC Cancer Foundation

    In our third year as a recreational cycling team, Alberto European Extreme Style is setting its sights on $250,000 raised for cancer research. So far we have ridden from Vancouver to Seattle twice, and raised over $190,000 through the Ride to Conquer Cancer. In Loving Memory: This past year we lost a loved friend and […]

  • Paul Balfour talks about Progress in Cancer Research

    I just read the following blog post from Paul Balfour.  Paul captains the Phillips Hager & North team that raised a total of $292,000 for cancer research at the BC Cancer Foundation last year.  This year Paul has already raised over $60,000 personally, and his team will surpass $350,000 raised. On the evening before our […]

  • Alberto European Extreme Style, $1,250 Conquer Cancer Sponsorship

    Our cycling team has been just blowing the doors off in fundraising.  I can’t say enough about the hard work of everyone on the Extreme Style cycling team, and the over 600 generous sponsors who have given to battle this terrible disease.   By next Sunday we will be well on our way to beating last year’s […]

  • Explaining the Team Give’r Logo

    This is the story of Team Give’r and our wicked mean logo. In 2009 our Give’r Cycling Team was sponsored by Alberto European Extreme Style for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.   Last year we raised over $90,000 and this year we are already at $65,000 and growing every day. Our super-talented designer in residence Dean […]